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Optical light "15th anniversary celebration and the sixth K song contest held

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In October 13, 2016, will usher in the 15th anniversary anniversary of the establishment of the organization, held the 15th anniversary optical light Festival series of activities, the activities are divided into k ceremonies, photography exhibition, chorus competition, game. Li Xiaochun, chairman of the board of directors, visited and addressed the development of Guangming optics for fifteen years and pointed out the direction of future development. The whole activity is warm and frugal, and it is of great historical significance.

The photography exhibition in the form of the company and lead the staff to review the glorious history of 15th anniversary -- old and new factory style display, led to major historical events, summary of the management innovation, technology innovation, staff, in the future, large-scale activities planning...... The memory of the light optical people over the years has been recorded, and the dream of the light optical man is also fulfilling the fullness of the light.

In the singing contest, two choir sing, sing the song "our strength", also sing sing the motherland rich, strong and prosperous, "into the new era of" dream; poetry "the garden of rose flowers", describe a bright optical people pioneers, the spirit of quiet dedication; 15 employees contestant wonderful singing, filled with youthful vigor and fashion. In the activity, the former leader of the development of optical light affectionate message, fifteen years of development that has certainly, bright future of optics but also has high hopes; in the interview process, the old employees of the company for many years in the harvest of deep feelings, but also on the leadership of the company for a long time all the staff concerned said thank you.

Remember history, don't forget the beginning of the heart. The 15th anniversary celebration was a review of the achievements of hard work in the past fifteen years, which inspired more high spirited fighting in the future. Today, light optics has embarked on a new journey.

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