Digital Camera
Make images more touching.
How to discover more wonderful scenery by light rays? Guangming Optical is always devoted to making light rays and objects interact by better products so as to create more touching images. Guangming Optical provides optical lenses which are made of special materials with different outer diameters in various shapes, to restore realistic images to you.
Industrial Lens
Make manufacturing more intelligent.
Mankind is entering an intelligentized era. Artificial intelligence and robots are rising gradually. Firstly, we need a pair of “Eyes” capable of capturing object images accurately to ensure the realization of intelligence. Industrial lenses provided by Guangming Optical feature high transmittance, high accuracy and high image quality. Guangming Optical applies excelsior products to the field of artificial intelligence, boosting the intelligent process.
Make communication more smooth.
In 1977, the first optical fiber communication system in the world was put into commercial use in Chicago. The application of optical fibers has opened a new situation of network communication, linking the world more tightly. As coupling elements in optical fiber communication, optical fiber small balls provided by Guangming Optical enable light energy output by transmitting optical fibers to be coupled into receiving optical fibers to the maximum extent, and get involved into optical links, thus minimizing influences on the system and making the network world more smooth and unobstructed.
Make driving more convenient.
People increasingly tend to choose trips by automobiles, to acquire more convenient and fast means of transportation. With the development of the times, human requirements and automobile technologies are also being improved constantly, and a more developed optical system supports infinite images and “Excessive Demands” of people on automobiles. Vehicle-mounted lenses provided by Guangming Optical effectively removes stray light by coating and inking, to make reversing aid images, vehicle-mounted cameras and other imaging effects clearer and more lively, thus realizing longer service life. But in the future, we will explore more intelligent and interesting driving experience in close combination with the automobile industry.
Medical Treatment
Protect life safety.
The increasingly developed medical technologies provide more effective guarantee for life health of people. Increasingly more difficult diseases have been tackled, and advanced medical equipment has played a very important role. Guangming Optical provides high-accuracy imaging lenses for medical instruments, to enable diseases to be discovered more accurately, thus obtaining effective treatment.
Mobile Phone
Mobiles phones are not only used as means of communication.
The rising of smart phones not only sets off the revolution of the mobile communication industry but also touches off the product alternation of the optical industry. Optical filters provided by Guangming Optical are applied to smart phones, to enable the photography of mobile phones more vivid and realistic.
Night Vision Device
Make nights more distinct.
Human eyes can hardly recognize environments and objects clearly in low-light environments, particularly at night, which greatly obstructs work, trips, monitoring and so on and has great potential safety hazards. Although people discovered infrared rays in the nature very early, infrared remote sensing technologies develop slowly due to the limitation of infrared components. The chalcogenide infrared glass elements provided by Guangming Optical are applied to series of infrared optical imaging systems (automobile night vision, security monitoring, night vision devices, night vision sighting telescopes, etc.), to ensure clear imaging at night, thus better protecting the life of people.
Explore the microworld.
Before microscopes came out, the recognition of people to the world is only limited to what is visible to eyes. However, microscopes show a brand-new world to the sight of human beings. microscopes help scientists to find new species and also help doctors to treat diseases. Electronic microscopes with one or more lenses can amplify objects for 3 million times, with the minimum resolution of 0.2nm, which is a great invention of human beings and also the pride of optical people. Guangming Optical provides microscopes with high-precision and high-imaging-quality optical lenses, and helps human beings to continuously explore the unknown world, to search for more solutions of scientific problems in life.
Vision is everywhere.
With the development of technologies, people have new means for safety guarantee. Monitoring cameras can be used as eyes of human beings in places where human eyes want to pay attention but cannot pay attention at any time and any where. These eyes not only can carry out real-time monitoring but also can record information, hereby assisting in traffic control and ensuring personal and property safety, providing evidences for case investigation, etc. Guangming Optical provides high-precision optical elements for monitoring cameras, to provide powerful guarantee for the security of human beings.
Enjoy modern images, return simple nature.
People increasingly lay emphasis on visually intuitive feelings in modern office and teaching systems. However, computers, TVs and LED display screens are not as practical as projectors because of the limit of screen dimensions and costs. Nowadays, more and more micro projectors enter families, and become a main force in family cinemas. High-quality pictures, no irradiation and ultra-low power consumption enable people to win health, safety, environmental protection and other benefits while enjoying the pleasure of watching films. Guangming Optical provides projectors with high-precision imaging optical lenses, and continuously makes contributions to the green vision industry together with projector manufacturers.
Thermal Imager
A secret security guard
Thermal imagers are widely applied to all-day and all-weather monitoring in national defense, public security, firefighting, forest fire prevention, traffic management, key facility guard, sea frontier defense monitoring, harbor service supervision, airport supervision, storage yard warehouse fire alarm and other fields, with the features of still operating normally and hardly exposing themselves at night and in severe climatic environments. Chalcogenide infrared glass optical elements provided by Guangming Optical have excellent intermediate infrared transmittance and extremely high athermalization performance, which can ensure excellent optical properties of thermal imagers.
Sighting Telescope
Make focuses more accurate and the sight wider.
Guangming Optical provides high-quality optical lenses for all the sighting telescope and telescope systems in the market of optical sighting telescopes, electronic sighting telescopes, red dot sighting telescopes, telescopes, night-vision telescopes, etc. Made of high-transmittance materials, sighting telescopes can be used for seeing details of objects more clearly, to reduce eye fatigue by surface coating.