Industry application
Digital Camera
Make images more touching.
Guangming Optical provides optical lenses which are made of special materials with ……
Industrial Lens
Make manufacturing more intelligent.
Guangming Optical applies excelsior products to the field of artificial intelligence, boosting……
Mobile Phone
Mobiles phones are not only used as means of communication.
Optical filters provided by Guangming Optical are applied to smart phones, to enable the photography of mobile phones more vivid……
Make driving more convenient.
Vehicle-mounted lenses provided by Guangming Optical effectively removes stray light by coating and inking, to make reversing aid images, vehicle-mounted cameras and other imaging effects clearer……
Explore the microworld.
Guangming Optical provides microscopes with high-precision and high-imaging-quality optical lenses, and helps human beings to continuously explore the unknown……
Medical Treatment
Protect life safety.
Guangming Optical provides high-accuracy imaging lenses for medical instruments, to enable diseases to be discovered more accurately, thus obtaining……
Enjoy modern images
Guangming Optical provides projectors with high-precision……
Make communication more smooth.
Guangming Optical enable light energy output by transmitting……
Sighting Telescope
Make focuses more accurate and the sight wider.
Guangming Optical provides high-quality optical lenses for all the sighting telescope and telescope systems in the market of optical sighting telescopes, electronic……
Thermal Imager
A secret security guard
Chalcogenide infrared glass optical elements provided by Guangming Optical have excellent intermediate infrared transmittance and extremely high……
Night Vision Device
Make nights more distinct.
The chalcogenide infrared glass elements provided by Guangming……
Vision is everywhere.
Guangming Optical provides high-precision optical elements for……
R & D innovation

To create a world - class glass processing enterprise to create a better life for people.

We take technology as the core and customer demand as the guidance. Through tireless efforts, we provide our customers with excellent products continuously, and create brilliant products for people's lives with our partners in glass industry.
As a company committed to the processing of glass components, Guangming optics has always placed the interests of customers and the masses in the first place, and is committed to the development of glass industry with excellent product quality.

News center
Recruitment dynamics

Provide the development platform for the pursuit of progress of employees, help employees achieve and enhance their own value;
Capable, open and fair employment mechanism;
Employee performance management is based on the work performance;
Provide employees with competitive compensation and benefits.

Talent is the most important resource of the enterprise, and high quality talent is the source of the enterprise to create value, continue to develop and flourishing.
The company's brilliant career needs to gather a large number of management, research and development, marketing, and service personnel to common cast. The company adheres to “ people based ” respect knowledge and respect for talents.
To create a good development space for the talents, keep the human;
The implementation of performance appraisal, improve the welfare policy, people in the treatment of;

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